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Detox Clinic Pricelist

Bodygold Lymphatic Drainage

Originally developed for the treatment of varios lymphatic and body fluid disorders in the medical profession, this therapy involves massaging both legs in specially designed garments. The massage improves blood flow, and is an ideal treatment for Cellulite, Toning, Fluid Retention, Detoxification and other conditions.

Bodygold Lymphatic Drainage - 30 min £25.00

G5 Massage

The G5 is a gyratory, lymphatic massage system. It is excellent for sports related deep issue, muscular aches and pains.

For the athlete G5 delivers more power to help relieve muscle cramps, relax tight muscles, increase flexibility and mobilize and flush out lactic-acid build up.

G5 Massage - 1/2 hour £27.00
G5 Massage - 1 hour £37.00